About The Creator

Hey Trader! I'm Hillorie Le.

And I'm the creator behind The Bulletproof Trader Affirmations - Affirmation Quotes for Traders in All Financial Markets.

If you've been in the markets for a while, then you know that there is a severe lack of mindset content in the trading arena. It's only starting to catch on now, but it's still not as popular as it needs to be and there is still not nearly enough advanced topics being covered when it comes to Human Psychology or having a Bulletproof Trader's Mindset in the markets.

That's why I created The Bulletproof Trader Affirmations! I came up with this idea after my students started telling me how much they love my different, holistic approach to trading education and that they've never come across another teacher that views the markets this way. In this generation of Master Traders, we are incorporating all areas of life in our trading success, not just chasing unrealistic monetary goals and tacky material goods... and ignoring things like calming our minds, controlling our emotions, and seeing things as they are - not just the way we want them to be.

I created these so that I could share my inspired messages on Trading Mindset more widely. Cards to empower, cards to reassure, cards to teach, cards to inspire, cards to enlighten, cards to start big conversations, cards that will help traders going through difficult times in their journey. I want to get my words & wisdom into the hearts & hands of more people!


It's all about IMPACT, baby

I've been trading in the markets for almost 9 years now, since 2014. As you may have heard and probably know - trading can get real lonely! Through Crypto to Riches Trading Education, I was able to build my own community and create a ripple effect of the next generation of pro traders in the world 😉

But even with that, I still feel like I could do more.

I can do more to increase my positive IMPACT in the trading community.

Changing lives and serving the world with quality trading education is where I started, but there's still more ways to go 💪

I think every trader alive needs some guidance on the mental and emotional aspects of things in their trading system. And what better way than to start with this Trading Affirmation Deck 😏

With these affirmations my chief aim is that you feel understood amidst all the chaos. I hope you'll see that others have been exactly where you are now in your trading journey so that you no longer feel lost or alone. Know that you have divine guidance as well as universal intelligence guiding your every action in the markets. Believe that you are on the right path. I hope that things just "click" after reading the affirmations, and I hope these cards will make you feel at ease, no matter how far or how bumpy your journey is. Everything can be improved on and worked through.


How affirmations helped me in my trading career

A few years into my trading journey, I started incorporating Affirmations into my life. This is in addition to the Goal Setting and Vision Board I had already done in my first year. On a dry erase board hung up on the wall next to my trading desk, I wrote 12 affirmations statements which I would see and remind myself of every day. These were mantras/affirmations/rules that I came up with as a result of mistakes I made and lessons I've learned in the past.

A few years later, I realized how crucial and core these 12 affirmations were in my trading success, as I would often answer other traders' questions with a expanded version of one of my quotes. They always found it helpful. That's when I started telling traders that they should write a list of affirmations, created based on their "rules to not break", which of course just means a list of all their weak spots or mistakes they made in the past that they should refrain from making again in the future!

New traders often have misconceptions about what good trading looks like or how a successful trader behaves. The barriers to getting into trading today are low, but the learning curve is still just as steep. You can save yourself considerable time and money by learning from others. Anyone involved in the market can benefit from this deck of Trading Affirmations, no matter your trading style or how much time you've been in the markets.


A tangible thing ❤️

These affirmations are an extension of me and my teachings and offer you a way to expand the experience of working with me - even if you aren't a student of mine... yet 😜

Instead of only being able to share my mentorship & guidance through one answer, one email, or one lesson at a time, imagine how many of you out there I can help with a deck of my cards!

I'm so super excited to bring life to this thought ideation. I wanted to create something that is uniquely me — saying exactly what my people need to hear. I wanted to create something tangible  that I can not only see but also touch and feel. I saw affirmation cards and journals becoming really popular out there during the pandemic. So I thought, hmmm... all the affirmations on my dry erase board... on a physical card that I can see and touch? 😲 That look beautiful, feel nice to hold, AND can help people with their mindset? 😱

Welp, I feel like I just wrote up a whole page about myself, LOL. Really, this page should be about YOU and how these affirmations can help you. I do hope I've conveyed that message across as well 🙏


Interested in learning from me and working with me on a deeper level? Check out my flagship program, Crypto Trading Mastery.